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Our new programs are collaborative attempts to solve a clearly identified systemic need. It is those systemic needs that feed the cycle of traumatic harm in our communities. Our foundational belief is that lasting change can only come when all people are empowered with the opportunities and resources to heal from harm.

Successful implementation of a program hinges on finding the right partners. We work together to design solutions collaboratively. With these partners, we then extend the solution to our community.

Restorative Justice Diversion Program (RJDP)

We facilitate a restorative justice process for  youth who have caused felony harm and the people they have harmed. In this process, we do 3 things:

  1. Support the person harmed in identifying the impact of the harm and what they need for repair.
  2. Support youth in taking accountability for the harm and responsibility for repairing it.
  3. Support youth in identifying the root causes of their choices and give them tools to transform.

The result is a sense of justice for the person who has been harmed and transformation for the youth who has caused the harm. Together, this makes for a safer and more just community.

Our goal is to create a systemic change by implementing these programs. To learn more about the impact these programs are having, visit our Impact page.

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