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Justice Is Healing.

Your community is hurting.
You want healing.
We can help.

Raphah Institute helps communities heal from social harm by confronting and solving its root causes.

Through strategic partnerships…

Raphah Institute represents a chance to confront the root causes of societal harm, take a uniquely crafted approach, and see transformative healing for all.

1. Partner

Strategic partnership is fundamental to how we work. We partner with those closest to the problem, believing that, together, we have what it takes to find workable solutions.

2. Design

Guided by our collective wisdom, we design courageous and innovative solutions to undo the root causes of harm in our communities.

4. Empower

In the end, we all should have the resources we need to thrive in our community, free of harm. This is justice. Justice is healing.

3. Implement

Raphah Institute is a direct action platform for discovering what works and delivering it for all to benefit.

Our Story

Everyone should have the opportunity to heal from harm.

As a police officer, Raphah Institute founder and CEO Travis Claybrooks saw firsthand the limitations of government systems alone to solve the complicated challenges facing people experiencing social harm. As a pastor, he also saw how distant he and many other people of faith were from the people and communities broken by harm and trauma. These observations led him to take action and join the many other community leaders working to make Nashville a city of healing.

You can see how we are working to create change in Nashville by learning more about the programs we offer.

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