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We are always excited to work with people who share our passion for justice and healing. There are several different roles in which you can collaborate with us, all of which will have a very real impact on your community:



We cannot create change without volunteers.
We would love to get you involved with helping people find healing.
See our available volunteer positions below.

No positions available

If you would like to sign up as a general volunteer and be notified of new opportunities, please fill out this form.

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Join us as one of our valued staff members or interns and do work that matters.
See our available positions below.

Community Leader Partner

To accomplish our mission, we must join hands with leaders of local organizations and institutions, working together to promote healing in our city. If you are an interested leader in partnering with Raphah Institute, please visit our Contact Us page to submit a form.

To learn more about any one of these opportunities, please contact us anytime at (615) 601-1709.


By donating, you are partnering with us to help our communities heal and thrive. Every dollar you give helps change lives and bring opportunities for healing throughout the city of Nashville. Donate today and interrupt the cycles of harm in your community.

Stay Informed

Join us on the journey toward community healing.

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